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, Homebuyers backed away from new homes in October, spooked by higher mortgage rates, Dani Romero, 11/27/2023

, Week in Insights: EV Tax Credits Are Heading for a Cliff Again, Daniel Xu, 11/26/2023

, IRS Seeks Help Connecting Taxpayers With Credits, Deductions, Lauren Loricchio, 11/22/2023

, 9 market themes to discuss around the Thanksgiving table, Brad Smith, 11/22/2023
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, Luke List wins $300,000 through ܹͼ’s Birdies Fore Love, 11/20/2023
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, Moore Petitioners Make Strongest Case to Toss Repatriation Tax, Donald Susswein and Ramon Camacho, 11/20/2023

, Ludvig Åberg cards back-to-back 61s on weekend to win The ܹͼ Classic, 11/19/2023
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, On the move, Danielle Lee, 11/17/2023

, Stopgap Spending Bill Dims Hopes For Year-End Tax Package, Stephen Cooper, 11/17/2023

, The Power of Love, 11/17/2023

, Dom's Doppelganger Live At The ܹͼ Classic, 11/17/2023

, ܹͼ's US Foundation Changing Lives, 11/16/2023

, The Fed is probably done hiking rates. Cuts are still far off, Krystal Hur, 11/16/2023
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, ܹͼ Provides AI Solutions for Clients with Microsoft Copilot, Isaac O’Bannon, 11/16/2023

, The costs of retirement: How new requirements for long-term part-time employees will affect employers, Joni Andrioff, Christy Fillingame and Chloe Webb, 11/16/2023

, More Good News on Inflation in October, Michael Rainey, 11/15/2023

, The Elusive Soft Landing Is Coming Into View, David Harrison and Jeffrey Sparshott, 11/15/2023

, Retail Sales Fall for the First Time in Six Months, Evan Clark, 11/15/2023

, ܹͼ's Sports Marketing Director Puts On Huge PGA Tour Event, 11/15/2023

Schwab Network, CPI Data, 11/14/2023

, Chris Kirk named recipient of PGA TOUR Courage Award, 11/14/2023
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, REITs Rally To Beat S&P’s Best Day On New Inflation Data, Dees Stribling, 11/14/2023

, US insurance sector to lose around 400,000 workers by 2026, Kenneth Araullo, 11/14/2023

, Inflation slowed in October, Cate Chapman, 11/14/2023

, CPI headline inflation hits zero in October, core inflation rises less than expected, Liz Kiesche, 11/14/2023

, Inflation Cools in October, Now at 3.2% Annual Level as Gas Prices Fall, Tim Smart, 11/14/2023

, The ܹͼ Classic: A Special Event, 11/14/2023

, ܹͼ Hosts Huge PGA Tour Event, Major Impact For Community, 11/13/2023

, The Regime Change of Our Times, 11/13/2023

, Bowman: Regulators likely lacked authority to modernize CRA, Sam Wilmes, 11/13/2023

, What a government shutdown could look like: “Things start breaking”, Mitchell Hartman, 11/13/2023

, Biden aides scramble on trade pact some Democrats fear could help Trump, Jeff Stein and Tyler Pager, 11/12/2023

, Contractors brace for govt shutdown, 11/10/2023

, IRS Seeks Outside Help With Training Enforcement Personnel, Lauren Loricchio, 11/10/2023

, American Consumers Are Running Up Their Credit Cards. But They May Have a Little Left in the Tank to Spend, Tim Smart, 11/09/2023

, Will the Fed raise interest rates one more time this year? Some economists aren’t convinced, Sarah Foster, 11/08/2023

, Patrick Rodgers donates to Indianapolis Junior Golf Foundation through ܹͼ Birdies Fore Love, 11/08/2023

, Labor Challenges Continue For Health Care, But AI Could Provide Answers, Michael Haas and Danny Schmidt, 11/07/2023

, Slowing Hiring Above Inflation Wage Gains Points To Economic Growth, 11/03/2023

, Job market slowdown looms over Biden reelection bid, Sylvan Lane, 11/03/2023
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, Housing Market Predictions For 2023: When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?, Robin Rothstein, 11/03/2023

, Much-Needed Cooling Off Or Risk-On Rally Ahead? Yields Tumble, Bonds Gain After October Jobs Report, Surbhi Jain, 11/03/2023
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, US job growth slowed in October, Cate Chapman, 11/03/2023

, Job Growth Slows, Sowing a Mix of Concern and Calm, Talmon Joseph Smith, 11/03/2023
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, Is October’s slowing jobs data good or just the same story?, 11/03/2023

, Government-owned hospitals seek health system partners, Alex Kacik, 11/02/2023

, Build-to-rent, single-family rental markets shift gears in unique housing market, Ashley Fahey, 11/01/23

, Fed's Rate Pause Continues, Powell Sends Mixed Signals: What Economists Predict Comes Next, Piero Cingari, 11/01/2023

, Health systems are taking a closer look at staffing fees. Here’s why., Caroline Hudson, 11/01/2023

, Fed Holds Key Interest Rate at 22-Year High, Michael Rainey, 11/01/2023
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, Pro Take: Treasury Yields Fall as Powell Softens View on Inflation Threat, Bob Fernandez, 11/01/2023

, Stock market news today: Stocks rally, tech surges after Fed leaves rates unchanged, Josh Schafer and Karen Friar, 11/01/2023