About ܹͼ

Instilling confidence in a world of change

Experience the power of being understood

The Power of Being Understood is a promise to our clients and our people that when they work with ܹͼ, they are working with professionals who will take the time to truly understand them, who will bring tailored ideas and insight to their environment, and who are committed to helping them make confident decisions about their future.

This unique ܹͼ Experience differentiates us from our clients and our talent.

Client experience: Working with ܹͼ

Our advisors understand your unique opportunities and challenges. When you combine our knowledge about the middle market with our first-choice advisor relationships and leading-edge technology, the value we deliver to our clients and the middle market is truly differentiated.

Talent experience: Working for ܹͼ

Our culture is unrivaled and part of what enables us to stand out in the marketplace. Our exceptional people are the key to that culture and the root of our exceptional client experience.

Real innovation for the middle market

A powerhouse of collaborative innovation for middle market companies looking to capture a competitive edge, our teams bring innovative ideas and tools to each client relationship along with our proven methodologies and technologies.

We invite our diverse and talented professionals to join us in bringing care and curiosity as we collaborate with clients to deliver real innovation.

Together we find answers. Together we achieve success.

Insights that drive the middle market

ܹͼ's leading insights on the business, industry and market conditions that affect the middle market help drive confident business decisions.

A great place to work

ܹͼ strives to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates the differences between our talented employees. We view diversity and inclusion as a continuous journey. Each step along the path enhances our ability to develop global leadership, integrate cultural differences, improve workforce productivity and exceed the expectations of our clients.

ESG at ܹͼ

ܹͼ strives to be the middle market leader in sustainable business practices that drive positive futures for our clients, colleagues, communities and firm. Our environment, social and governance approach incorporates measurement and leading practices in ESG.


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Access the network

Elevate your business with access to ܹͼ’s infrastructure, resources and tools as part of a robust peer network of independent accounting and consulting firms.

ܹͼ’s global approach

Access insights and experience everywhere in the world you do business. ܹͼ has 57,000 professionals in 120 countries around the globe.

The ܹͼ Classic

The Ultimate Client Experience

The ܹͼ Classic is more than just a golf tournament; it’s a powerful experience tailored to our clients and guests and a beloved tradition for our firm.

Our history

ܹͼ traces its history to 1926, when Ira B. McGladrey started his own accounting firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The I.B. McGladrey Company was formed when McGladrey purchased a seven-person office from his employers, Billings, Prouty and Tompkins.

The Real Economy publication family

From our Middle Market Business Index to quarterly industry trends and monthly economic updates, our reports cover everything middle market business leaders need to know.